Drum Camp: Aug 20-25, 2017  |  Bass Camp: Aug 20-25, 2017

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Curriculum for Aug 16-21, 2015

UDC starts with a group orientation at 3PM on check-in day (click-here for the schedule).

Every day there are 3 classes held by only the best world class stars as you can see by our lineup of teachers! Each day starts with a great healthy breakfast and it’s straight off to class! There are 3 one and a half hour classes a day at 10:30AM, 1:30PM and 3:30PM and every night there is a show preformed by our teachers!

There are 15 practice rooms where all the students get time alone to practice on the hand drums and on the acoustic and electric drums. Our sponsors provide the best of the best gear for the students to have available to practice on!

We have 3 groups of students depending on your abilities. Group A (Advanced,) Group B (Intermediate) and Group C (Beginner) At orientation, one of out teachers will do tests to place you in the appropriate class level for your best learning abilities!

After your 10:30 class you get to enjoy lunch with your piers and also your teachers who typically eat with the students in the lunch room. Its very relaxed and a great chance to get close to these top players and understand what made them what they are today.

One of the days during the camp we do a jam picnic where all the students and teachers jam together while enjoying a great outdoor lunch!

In certain classes we add in some famous bass players who will (along with the drum teachers) teach you how to play grooves and understand the point of views both from the drummers side and from the bass players side.

Then comes the night shows! These are the most amazing events where you get to see all these top musicians jam together right in front of your eyes and inches away from them so you are really close and see everything! Each night show starts by featuring one of the artists. After the feature artist does his 30-45 min clinic, the stage rolls into a jam where you never know what’s going to happen next! Its simply AWESOME!!

The final night is the grand finale where the students and the teachers all jam together all night long!!! It’s a great finish as your teachers will work with you to apply what you learned all week and form jams around all the rhythms you learned during your classes!

The following is the tentative schedule for UDC! (usually changes will be made to accommodate the fly in and fly out dates of our artists. The final schedule will be posted about 6 weeks before camp once all artist flights are confirmed but don’t worry, the schedule wont be far off this.)


Drum: Aug 20-25, 2017

Bass: Aug 20-25, 2017

Location: Orford Arts Centre.
Mount Orford, Quebec, Canada

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